You don't really talk about your life as a TV producer. I understand that this blog is dedicated to the artsy aspect of your life but could you perhaps dedicate a blog post on your dayjob? How you started, what it's like etc. Some of us are interested to pursue this as a career. Would be great to get an insight from an expert. Thanks much!


Hi there! Everytime I log into Tumblr I’ve got your message on my mind! I do want to answer this, and I will do so just give me some time to write it out ok. 13 years in this television… so you can imagine my whole “what would I tell you” dilemma. So this is just an interim reply and to tell you I haven’t forgotten and I would definitely love to share with you what I do for a living!  :)  xx 

Let me know if you have any questions you want me to answer, so I can put that in the post too.